I am using this blog for the occasional recording of devotional commentary and reflection as I read through Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s diary of daily Bible readings. I’m aiming for posting “same day” entries; but if I do post any “catch up” articles, they will be time-stamped at 12.00 noon.

Unless otherwise noted, I will be citing the English Standard Version. Firefox users might want to add the excellent Refalizer plugin to gain immediate access to the texts cited.

Citations of Hebrew and Greek text are given in Unicode (UTF-8). For optimum viewing experience, a specialist unicode font should be installed in your system, although Times New Roman or Arial (or equivalent) should render most glyphs. Palatino Linotype gives the full range of glyphs required for Greek. The SIL unicode fonts are excellent: use Ezra for Hebrew, and Gentium Plus for Greek.

The text in the site’s banner header can be found on p. 618 of Andrew Bonar’s Memoir and Remains of the Rev. Robert Murray M’Cheyne (Edinburgh/London : Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier, 1892) available on Archive.org.


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